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Where Do I End and You Begin….

This idea of boundaries – of knowing where you end and another begins seems to be theme over the past few weeks with clients.  Most of us understand physical boundaries – knowing that we want people only so close to us, emotional boundaries are another matter.

Waitkus Counseling, Set BoundariesMany folks are having difficulty understanding another’s behavior and are spinning their wheels to make the person “see” the light or going out of their way to make a point. Continue reading

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Self Esteem – Higher Levels: Self Compassion (Part 2)

Below you will see Part 2 of the Self-Esteem series I started last week.  If you didn’t get a chance to read Part 1 here it is:  Self Esteem: What is it? (Part 1) then come back to read Part 2.

Higher levels of self-esteem can be linked to increased life satisfaction and better mental and physical health. How can people raise their levels of self-esteem? Believe it or not it begins with self-compassion. Continue reading

Self-Esteem – What is it? (Part 1)

Self-Esteem, Waitkus Counseling GroupWhen someone hears the term self-esteem they come up with a definition of some kind – for the purpose of me writing on the topic – my definition is a feeling of having respect for yourself and your abilities. Having the definition is a great starting point, the real understanding comes from knowing how much self-esteem impacts our emotional health. Continue reading

5 Tips to Help You Adjust Back to Life and Work

work-life-balanceThis past week when clients have come in for their appointments the most common question is “how was your holiday?” and clients share that the holidays were enjoyable, relaxing or not depending upon a number of factors.  Many are reporting that getting back to work, getting the kids out the door for school, and/or adjusting to not having as many people around this week has been a struggle. This is normal and natural for most of us to feel the post holiday blues. Continue reading

What Jingles Your Bell?

Every year as the holiday season approaches, I feel a sense of dread mixed in with all the excitement.  It’s not that I don’t love the holidays, but this time of year, I find myself so frazzled by the end of December that it’s difficult to enjoy myself.  How can I find relief from holiday stress and still enjoy the season?”

~ Client Comments

If you find yourself more stressed than you’d like to be during the holiday season, you’re not alone – around 80% of individuals feel the same way. It’s no wonder; all of the baking and entertaining, shopping and wrapping, relatives we don’t often see, and holiday cards can add up to a schedule packed with extra activity and responsibility. Continue reading