5 Tips to Help You Adjust Back to Life and Work

work-life-balanceThis past week when clients have come in for their appointments the most common question is “how was your holiday?” and clients share that the holidays were enjoyable, relaxing or not depending upon a number of factors.  Many are reporting that getting back to work, getting the kids out the door for school, and/or adjusting to not having as many people around this week has been a struggle. This is normal and natural for most of us to feel the post holiday blues.
I always think it is helpful to admit how you are feeling to yourself – you do not have to fake it or put on a happy face just because everyone else around you seems “happy.”
Leading up to the holidays, we work extra hard to prepare for time off, while at the same time cooking, shopping, and planning parties. Often afterwards, some people are just down. This is an important time to take care of yourself by eating well, exercising, getting rest. This is a good time to reach out and touch base with some friends who can probably relate to how you are feeling.

On the flip side, going back to everyday life after the holidays sometimes seems bland and depressing. Many people like and enjoy the holidays which is great, but I have to ask “What are you going to do in January? And February?’” Meaning take some time to plan things to look forward to during the colder months. We like to feel connected to people and this is a two way street – you can pick up the phone for a quick chat or to make a plan to call- the phone works both ways

Read on where I share 5 tips to help you adjust back to life and work:

1. Look after yourself: Get enough sleep, eat well and exercise. Taking a short walk can change our mood when we feel stuck or a bit post-holiday blue. This is a fun idea – I had someone share this just last night – since it has been so cold outside they took a “walk” around [inside} the house to explore and burn off some energy.

2. Avoid the rut: Take charge of your life to avoid falling back into the workaday rut. I had a client share something they do weekly – on Mondays they schedule a project that takes most of the day – this allows them to focus, knock out some needed work, and not focus on what they are missing since the holidays have ended.

3.Have things to look forward to: Planning and scheduling your weeks and months means you can incorporate activities you look forward too. So make a plan of other things to look forward too – upcoming birthdays, doing things around the house, getting away for the night or weekend, doing an activity with the family. Make your everyday life something to talk about.

4. Make a tribute to your holiday: Whether it’s a photo book or photo board, playlist or travel diary, creating a visual or written tribute to your holiday will not only enable you to relive it but provide you with a concrete reminder of the wonderful time you had.

5. Get outside: You’ve probably been getting lots of fresh air so make sure you continue to step outside and inhale! Yes it has been chilly in the area – I find it to be refreshing.

My hope is this – the information I have shared gets you thinking and taking care of yourself. Remember I am available to chat and provide insight.

Take care. ~pamela


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