Intentions not Resolutions

digital_resolutions-100019466-largeIn the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holidays take a breath or two and settle down a bit to think about your life and where you are and where you would like to go.

I like using the word ‘intentions’ instead of resolutions when it comes to looking into the New Year!

I would like to thank Linney Elder (Infinitely Possible) for her words and insight on intentions and resolutions. There is a subtle difference in the definitions of resolutions and intentions.

Resolution: a resolve or determination, to make a firm resolution to do something.

Intention: purpose or attitude toward the effect of one’s actions or conduct.

Resolutions tend to focus on aspects of our lives that we are not happy about and would like to change, but the resolution often does not carry any firm conviction or belief in its outcome. It’s more a wish than anything.

Intentions on the other hand, are positive, specific, goal orientated, conscious decisions we make about things we intend to accomplish. We state them in the present tense, with belief and conviction that they have already manifested in the infinite field of pure potential.

Here are a few tips to making better New Year Intentions:

  1. Your Core Values Should be A Driving Force – We always do more and try harder when what we want are linked to what we believe. Intentions are for you, no one else. This is your life.tip
  2. One at a Time – We have 12 new months coming upon us, broken down into 4 seasons. Break down your intentions to tackle them in 30-day, 60-day, 90-day basis.  This keeps us from getting overwhelmed and telling ourselves “I will do it next week, next month or next year.” Your time is now.
  3. Focus – Focus – Focus – Write them down and keep it in front of you either on the wall, in your phone, on your desk or in your planner.When something is in front of us we are more likely to pay attention to it and redirect ourselves when needed.
  4. Take Action – That’s right, we think taking action is just common sense, it is not. Take a small step toward your intentions. One step forward is better that being frozen in place or better than not taking any step at all.

Where are Intentions Formed?

Intentions are formed in your conscious mind; however, it’s your subconscious that receives these commands and creates the necessary opportunities in your life.

  1. Use only positive words
  2. Include a time frame
  3. Remove negations
  4. Be precise

Here is a simple test. Don’t think about a pink elephant! What happened? You thought about the pink elephant, you may even imagined it. The subconscious does not work analytically; it cannot understand words like ‘don’t’ or ‘not.’ It works mostly in images, sounds, and smells.

You want to avoid use of any negative words in your intentions. Always formulate your intentions in such a way that they reflect the outcome of what you’d like to create.

Example of how not to do it:
– I don’t want to have so much responsibility.

Better Example:
– In my new job I feel comfortable with my responsibility.

I would like to encourage you all to think about where you have been in 2013- mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally and where you want to go in 2014 mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

You can create any life you want for yourself. I want to hear about your intentions for the upcoming year.

Go from struggle to success, from heartache to peace and joy, from doubt to conviction.

Thank you for reading.


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