As 2013 ends……2014 Begins

As one year ends and another begins most of us take stock of where we have been, what we want to change, and where we want to go. I am offering some tips as you begin 2014 to put you in a better frame of mind that the upcoming year can be different – whatever that means for you.

Step 1 – The Year End Reviewhappy-new-year-confetti

When most people do a year end review, they look at what went right over the past year for about two milliseconds, and spend the rest of the time looking at what went wrong. “Let’s dissect where we screwed up”, they say, “so that it never, ever happens again”. I look at the year and what things went well and really take in those feelings.

Step 2 – Planning 2014

Plan out your new year. This is not a To Do list and it’s not a traditional list of goals. What I do is make a list of all the major areas of my life; for example:

  • My Business
  • My Love Life
  • My Family
  • My Home
  • My Body/Health
  • Adventure/Just for Fun

I then set the strategy that I’d like to follow for each of these areas. By strategy, I mean the basic end goal I’d like to achieve in the next year, and how I want it to feel. We’re looking at core desires here, not super detailed to do lists. How detailed I ultimately get depends entirely on how much resistance I have in that area. If all is going well, I can get more specific.

Step 3 – Make it Happen

Now I sit down and reflect on each of the areas in Step 2 and come up with a ‘plan of attack’ which includes a “by when” date. Goal – Steps to Reach it – By When – Reward. I encourage people to break down their year quarterly so they can see the progress they are making.

I wish you the best in the upcoming year!


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